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We come to you!

Can't make it into the office? No worries! Orange Rose Healing offers a unique traveling option on Sundays. We will arrive 20 minutes before the session to set up and then provide Reiki right in your home or community!


 What can I expect?


Orange Rose Healing will provide a relaxing Reiki session in your home. We will arrive 20 minutes before the appointment to set up our massage table. We will provide services the same as in the office, with the options of music, essential oils, and crystals. 

Travel restrictions are within 50 miles of Eliot, ME. Travel expenses will vary based on location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler's Fee

There is an additional traveler's fee with sessions in home.

Within 10 miles- an additional $10

Within 20 miles- an additional $15

Within 30 miles- an additional $20

Within 40 miles- an additional $25

Within 50 miles- an additional $30

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