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Reiki is the practice of gentle
energy healing. It allows for 
relaxation and stress
reduction. Reiki is also known
to have physical and mental
health benefits.

30 min. session: 
This is a 30 minute session is a great way to relax for those who are on the move. It is a good way to find quick relaxation for those who find themselves short on time.

60 min. session: 
This is a 60 minute session is highly advised for people trying reiki for the first time. It is great for anyone who has time. The extra time allows for deeper relaxation, and more time to focus on balancing chakras.

Distance Reiki:
This is a 30 minute session for who are unable to make it to Solfege. Distance Reiki is is great for those far away or find they don't have time to drive to Solfege. There are three options when it comes to distance Reiki at Orange Rose Healing. The first option is a zoom call during the session, the second option is a phone call and the third option is a text message. These sessions do not have to take place during business hours.
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